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  • Operation Department
Complex Manager


Main Functions of the Job

  1. Complex Manager is in charge of the Security, Maintenance and Housekeeping department. You are to plan and organize comprehensive operation systems for these departments in S’MART. The responsibilities of each department to name a few outlines below in general terms:


  • Protect and secure the respective area from any unwanted incident such as theft, quarrel, illegal activities and whatsoever security related issues.
  • Control and direct traffic, disperse obstruction of traffic (blocking) and prevent illegal parking (park at non allocated parking area, stop or park at “No Parking Area” and any other traffic related issues.
  • Provide customer service e.g. assisting customer, showing way, missing things, etc.
  • Sufficient trolleys are at the designated place for customers’ use.
  • To work with Midas Security Head to enhance the security as a whole and its manpower planning.
  • To perform mid night spot check.

Maintenance (Technician)

  • Perform all the maintenance work from installation, servicing, repairing, wear and tear and breakdown for all electrical and electronic equipments, appliance, apparatus and electrical circuits to ensure the functionality of such devices for smooth operation.
  • To monitor and maintain the drainage, sewerage, toilet flushing, piping system and others.
  • Perform plumbing inspection, installation, repairing, unclogging, plugging and etc task as and when required to either prevent water wastage, ensuring proper flow and functionality of the system.
  • To perform trouble shooting on breakdown, short circuit, blockages, etc.
  • To set up a maintenance schedule for monitoring of maintenance service which are scheduled for weekly, fortnightly, monthly and/or quarterly for air-con, cooling fan, compressor and etc.


  • Overall cleanliness of S’MART property especially the market area, shops, common areas, entrance, toilets, prayer rooms, loading and unloading, car park and covered car park, bin centre, public tap, food court, drainage system, children playground, workers quarters and all the surrounding areas.
  • Landscaping of S’MART which include watering and trimming of all grass, trees, and plants.
  • To set up a cleaning schedule for monitoring of cleaning services which ate scheduled for weekly , fortnightly, monthly and/or quarterly for canvas, signboard and etc.
  • To control and ensure that the cleaning chemicals and tools are in proper and non-excessive use by monitoring the usage
  • To ensure organize storing of cleaning chemical and tools to prevent in-house pilferage.
  1. To implement and control the operation system throughout the process and to follow up on the implementation; reviewing and enhancing the system constantly for optimum result.
  2. Ensure that all the staff performs their task correctly.
  3. To set-up a proper administrative system for the above departments and supervise to ensure the system is maintained accordingly.
  4. To safeguard the Company’s property and interest.
  5. To ensure all types of signage (lighted or non lighted signage, bunting’s banner, etc) are sufficient, legible, clean and maintained accordingly.
  6. All lightings, air-conditioning and cooling fans are switched on or off by evaluating with common sense on the requirement and circumstances to call for such action.
  7. To act as a middle person between the Management and Tenants bearing in kind the interest of the Company comes first:
    1. To inspect, audit and report (Incident Report) if any S’MART tenants were caught breaching any of the Tenancy Agreement covenants e.g. illegal parking, use of trolley(s), cleanliness of “Demised Premises”, business hours, rubbish disposal , yellow lines and etc for the Management action immediately.
    2. To set-up meeting to solve problems when arises.
    3. To create rapport with Tenants i.e. to understand their business, problems, etc. Benning friendly with Tenants but strict, being lenient but tough.
    4. To investigate problem encounter by Tenant and to solve it. Then, to inform the Management on the action(s) taken. If could not resolved the problem, to seek the Management’s advice.
    5. To oversee, monitor and control the Tenant business behavior in S’MART.
    6. To set-up an information transmitting system so that all staffs are well informed about new tenant withdrawal, new areas for rent and etc for reference and action.
    7. Others ad hoc tasks.
  1. To ensure staff’s safety by taking safety precaution when performing each task e.g. working at height, maintenance 0f electrical and electronic equipments and etc to prevent any untoward accident or incident.
  2. To proactively plan, organize, delegate, brief and monitor task of staffs to ensure that the staff has carried out their tasks correctly with the check list or guideline provided to achieve the required good performance and efficiency.
  3. To advocate safety,”Customer Friendly”, teamwork, co-operation and common sense for each task for maximum result.
  4. To set-up proper filling system for paperwork such as report(s), logbook(s), duty roster(s), check list(s), faxes, letters, memos, Incident Record Book and etc daily, weekly or monthly which have been prepared and compiled up to date for reference at any time.
  5. To ensure that the required chemical(s), equipment(s), tool(s), utensil(s) and etc are sufficient and replenished accordingly for the staff to carry out their tasks.
  6. To deal with Government agencies, ministries, authorities, councils as and when required.
  7. To ensure information from Management were passed on to staffs for their information and/or action.
  8. Outsource work to reliable and competent contractor when required. Must obtain prior approval from Management. To supervise and monitor the outsource contractor(s) work progress and quality of work.
  9. All carried out tasks complies with the Government, Company’s policy, rules and regulations.
  10. To conduct investigation on any incidents, complaints and problems faced and trouble shooting when required.
  11. Regular meeting with staff to discuss and iron out any problem(s) faced and get goals to improve staff performance.
  12. Monitor staff attendance.
  13. Monitor staff attire to ensure that it is neat and tidy at all times.
  14. Responsible for staff recruitment and to check each new staff background for security reason.
  15. To provide a thorough training and a detailed guideline for staff. To ensure that each level of staff understand their job requirements and know how to act accordingly.
  16. To prepare report and discuss on the following issues with the Management regularly:
  1. Maintenance, Security and Housekeeping
    • Problems
    • Human Resources and Management issues
    • Status on systems implementation
    • Equipment maintenance and repair
    • Monthly purchase against monthly budget update
    • Incident Report on staff issues
    • Others
  2. Tenants
    • Business performances
    • What action has been taken to solve it?
    • Breached of Tenancy Agreement covenants
  3. Customers’ complaint or comments received. What action has been taken or implemented?
  4. Market feedback, market survey, news, etc
  5. To propose for improvement of S’MART environment, condition and staff welfare
  6. Others
  1. Whatever decision and action taken, it should be in the best interest of the Company.
  2. To attend to the Customers’ complaints and comment received.
  3. To ensure that the first aid box is replenished accordingly for the use of staff and customers in the event of emergency.
  4. Fire fighting equipments are inspected and tested periodically for its functionality by setting up a monitoring schedule.
  5. To organize and ensure that your staff have the basic knowledge of first aid, emergency exit, how to disperse the people / crowd in the event of emergency.
  6. To implement cost control to ensure the expenditure does not exceed the monthly budgeted figures.
  7. To perform other duties and /or tasks. This will be assigned from time to time by the Management.
Operation Clerk

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